13.10.2021 / 13:19 // #teamSPACE / SpaceBrewery

Astrodrom is the official media partner of SpaceBrewery. This was announced during SpaceBrewery #13. The goal is to jointly inspire even more people for the developments in the German and European NewSpace ecosystem.

After participating as guests at the previous SpaceBrewery events, we briefly took the stage ourselves in issue number 13. In a short pitch we presented the idea behind and the vision of Astrodrom. Although not announced separately in the invitations, this approach had been agreed upon in advance. Immediately after the presentation, it was then announced that a media partnership existed between Astrodrom and SpaceBrewery.

Our common goal is to get a larger target group excited about developments in German and European NewSpace in the future. To this end, we are drawing on each other's expertise. In addition, we already have numerous ideas for new formats, among other things, which we will be implementing in the near future. But despite all the new ideas, the tried and tested will remain in place. We will continue to report on the individual events and provide exclusive insights wherever possible.

Written by (MWe)