SpaceBrewery #11 – #BackToTheRoots

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The eleventh edition of SpaceBrewery went back to the roots. Titled #BackToTheRoots, the topics discussed included Earth observation and project management.

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The SpaceBrewery had to move many of its meetings into virtual space due to the pandemic. Although there were (virtual) beer tables and exciting discussions here as well, the face-to-face exchange is and remains indispensable. Thanks to the positive news about the Corona virus, they now met on August 11, 2021 in the Taxisgarten in Munich.

Back to the beer garden

The announcement to meet again in the usual manner in a beer garden and to cultivate the casual exchange met with great interest. This time, however, the number of seats was very limited compared to previous online meetings. In the end, 25 to 30 people came together in pleasant summer temperatures. Among them were employees of NewSpace companies such as Isar Aerospace, OroraTech, DcubeD, OHB and BERNS. Also in attendance were numerous students from TU Munich, Ludwig Maximilians University Munich and University of Applied Sciences Munich. As Luís Ferreira, co-initiator and organizer of the SpaceBrewery, told Astrodrom, space enthusiasts and newcomers also found their way to the Taxisgarten to learn more about the space scene and to enter the space scene professionally.

© Luís Ferreira
© Luís Ferreira

Earth observation and algorithms

Topics of discussion were, on the one hand, Earth Observation (EO) and how algorithms can be improved with which data can be analyzed. This is a topic that is becoming increasingly important in view of climate change and the associated natural disasters. Already today, for example, OroraTech provides the capability for space-based early detection of wildfires. The importance of EO was also demonstrated at the EO Dashboard Hackathon, which was jointly organized by ESA, NASA and JAXA.

Cross-company project managers

Less technical was the discussion about the need for experienced project managers who can lead teams of several small companies. The background to this exchange of experience is the procurement guidelines, for example of space agencies such as the ESA. Often, NewSpace companies or startups are excluded from tenders, although the necessary know-how is definitely available. If several companies work together collaboratively on a project, they basically act like one large company for the client. However, the cooperation and bundling of capacities requires coordination, which can be taken over by overarching project managers. NewSpace companies or startups could also accept the invitation to tender for systems (ITT) and apply, if this possibility were decided by ESA.

SpaceBrewery continues

The continuation of the SpaceBrewery series was also discussed. Due to the positive response, there will be another physical event this year. Provided that the situation on Corona allows it. However, a date for this is not yet known. There will also be a joint - virtual - event with the Luxembourg chapter of SSPI (Space and Satellite Professionals International). Another one will then focus on German SmallSats.

Up-to-date information related to SpaceBrewery events will be posted on Meetup and LinkedIn.

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