Starship SN15 Cutaway from STARSHIP 3D at IdeenExpo 2022

Visitors to the IdeenExpo 2022 in Hanover were treated to a very special exhibit at our stand (Hall 9, FW05): a 1:72 scale model of the SpaceX Starship SN15.

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Gefertigt wurde die Cutaway-Version extra für den Messeauftritt des Astrodrom e.V. von STARSHIP 3D, hinter dem der Kanadier Yoan Soilen steht. Mehr als 600 Stunden Druckzeit auf einem 3D-Drucker waren notwendig, um die Einzelteile zu drucken. Der Zusammenbau schlug dann mit nochmals rund 100 Stunden zu Buche.

On May 5 2021 at 22:24 UTC, Starship SN15 was the fifth fully assembled Starship to be launched. Powered by three (3) Raptor engines, RSN 54, 61 and 66, SN15 was a new iteration with numerous improvements compared to its predecessors . It successfully launched in an overcast weather all the way up to 10km (33,000 ft). It softly landed after 5min 59secs of flight.


Made in Canada, presented in Germany

The model's richness of detail is particularly impressive. Clearly visible, for example, are heat protection tiles and the Starlink dish unit on the outside, as well as the Tesla motors or avionic racks on the inside. The fact that the flaps and landing legs are movable is almost a matter of course for such a model. Even the three Raptor engines can be moved largely true to the original and are numbered as in the original. It comes as no surprise that space enthusiasts around the world are celebrating SN15 Cutaway as the "most detailed 3D-printed starship model". A precise listing of all details can be found at

Production of the SN15 Cutaway only on order, further models in planning

As can be read on the website, Yoan Soilen will supply the space community with further models. The Suborbital Pad A is already in the works, and the SN24 and Booster 7 - which are scheduled for maiden flight in 2022 - are planned for 2023. As with the SN15 cutaway, Soilen cannot rely on original data. Instead, his models owe their richness of detail to his patience: Before even a single part is printed, he analyzes thousands of photos and videos and then creates the corresponding 3D files. SN15 alone required nine months of preparatory work. Both the print files and the printed version can be ordered from the STARSHIP 3D online store. But here, too, buyers have to be a little patient: Production can take up to 60 days. However, it is worth it in any case.

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Written by M. Weissflog
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