RFA One as LEGO® version

LEGO® has a long established reputation among space fans. Now the Microlauncher RFA One from the Rocket Factory Augsburg can also be recreated in scales of 1:42 and 1:110. Emil Romano, who has already designed numerous rockets from LEGO® bricks, is responsible for the models.

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As he explained to Astrodrom, the biggest challenge was finding the right shape for the rocket's tip: "LEGO® only produces a limited amount of cone pieces so for most rocket models the nosecone has to be custom built using individual bricks. The tricky part is to get the dimensions right while also keeping the cone curving smoothly until the tip. And then you also have to make sure that the inside is as hollow as possible to fit a payload."

To get the desired shape and bending, numerous iterations and rebuilds were necessary. A great help here was STUDIO - free software from Bricklink that allows LEGO® models to be created virtually. Romano needed six weeks for the first drafts of the two models, followed by further adjustments in coordination with RFA. After the test builds were also successful, he created the corresponding building instructions and parts lists. After about 10 weeks, the project was ready for publication.

Rocket Factory Augsburg relies on #teamSpace

The instructions for the LEGO® version of the RFA One are available at wearspace since then. For good reason: The fan article & merchandise store for space fans is well established in the community. In the RFA's own section, there are 3D-printed patches as well as clothing items in addition to the instructions. The fact that space enthusiasts are involved in the company's development is not a matter of course. But the Rocket Factory Augsburg keeps involving the community. For example, HELIX, the name for the microlauncher's engine, was found as part of a worldwide competition. At IdeenExpo 2022, the Augsburg-based company surprised with its own modification for Kerbal Space Program - a space simulation for Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that is widely used in the community.

Icons of space flight made with bricks from Denmark

Time and again, icons of space flight appear as official sets, most recently a detailed model of the Space Shuttle Discovery including the Hubble Space Telescope. But the collection also includes the lunar lander Eagle, the International Space Station (ISS), and the Saturn V. The latter two are the result of an agile community and were published as part of the LEGO® Ideas program. Anyone can take part, but many hurdles have to be overcome before one's own creation can one day become an official set. Sites such as "Rebrickable” or “Bricks in Space" therefore offer a much larger pool of ideas. Here you can also find numerous LEGO® models that have not made it into the official portfolio of the Danish manufacturer - or do not necessarily have the claim to do so.

Header Image Credit: Astrodrom (Rendering)
Written by M. Weissflog
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