New CEO at Rocket Factory Augsburg

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Dr. Stefan Tweraser has been the new CEO at RFA since October 1, 2021. The Austrian is to further drive the company's growth.

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With the decision to fill the position of Chief Executive Officer with Tweraser, RFA is also taking an unconventional path at the personnel level. The 51-year-old can look back on an impressive career, but outside the aerospace industry. Before joining the Augsburg-based microlauncher manufacturer, he was responsible for the DACH region at Google. He also worked at music streaming provider Deezer, startup Snapshot and McKinsey & Company - a renowned management consultancy. But that's exactly why - a wealth of experience from different industries - the doctor of economics is particularly interesting for RFA.

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As Jean-Jacques Dordain, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, points out, RFA "deliberately looked for someone with extensive experience in running companies outside the space sector to bring new expertise and additional impetus to the next steps of RFA's development." The extent to which outside expertise is relevant to the space sector remains to be seen. But the commercialization of space involves not only new products, services and jobs, but above all different ways of thinking.

The commercial use of space will change fundamentally in the coming decade. New space-based business models are emerging and innovative launch vehicles – with a strong focus on cost and customer orientation – are a cornerstone of this positive dynamic. RFA has made great strides by combining cutting-edge technology with innovative manufacturing processes. The team has also already succeeded in developing a promising commercial pipeline. I am very excited to lead RFA – together with the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board – to the next stage of our exciting journey.

Dr. Stefan Tweraser, CEO Rocket Factory Augsburg

Tweraser didn't have much time to settle in: the journey already began for him at the International Astronautical Congress IAC, one of the most important meetings in the industry. In Dubai, he had his hands full, as a glance at the contracts and declarations of intent concluded shows. RFA is well aware that the competition for launch services will become very intense in the future. Both the Supervisory Board and Jörn Spurmann (CCO) and Dr. Stefan Brieschenk (COO) emphasize Tweraser's wealth of experience. His ideas and approaches are expected to keep the company on track for growth - at a steady pace. While RFA has reached important milestones on the technical side, the positive development is now to be reflected in processes and structures. According to Brieschenk, the goal is to "transform the rapid technological progress into a sustainable business model."

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Written by M. Weissflog

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