New CCO: OroraTech strengthens management team and continues growth

Published on Tue, 18.04.2023 – 16:57 CEST in Internals, covering OroraTech

OroraTech has appointed Dr. Axel Roenneke as Chief Commercial Officer. His extensive industry knowledge and leadership experience will help drive growth and expand the Climate Intelligence-as-a-Service offering into new markets such as insurance, infrastructure, agriculture and geospatial analytics. Roenneke joins OroraTech from global aerospace supplier Beyond Gravity, where he also served as an executive. Prior to that, he held positions at Airbus and Rolls-Royce, among others.

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The Munich-based NewSpace company is the industry leader in satellite-based thermal imaging. The launch of the first thermal imaging camera on a nanosatellite in 2022 marked the beginning of a proprietary network of infrared sensors that continuously measure the Earth's temperature and evaluate data-based trends. From private companies to government organizations, customers on six continents use OroraTech's Wildfire Intelligence Solution .

We are thrilled to have Axel Roenneke joining our team. Axel is a highly experienced manager in the space industry and will play a key role in shaping OroraTech’s success in global institutional and commercial markets.

Thomas Gruebler, CEO OroraTech

OroraTech is expanding into North America

The Munich-based company recently established OroraTech Ltd. in Canada, continuing its expansion in North America. The effectiveness of the technology was demonstrated in February when Chile was hit by particularly devastating forest fires following a severe heat wave. OroraTech made a significant contribution to the firefighting efforts. With the future deployment of its own in-orbit sensor systems, customers around the world will have access to forest fire information. Particularly beneficial is low latency, enabling faster decisions and more effective response strategies.

“I am excited to join the great team at OroraTech. Thermal information, provided in real-time and globally, has tremendous business potential. You need intelligence from space to make smart decisions on Earth: To protect your business, manage natural hazards, and predict risks. With OroraTech’s solutions, our customers world-wide have a detailed view from the top to manage their assets effectively, and to move our world into a sustainable economy,“ says Axel Roenneke.

Active Fire Burnt Area
Comparison of Sentinel-2B and Sentinel-2A images before and after the December 12, 2022, fire in Queensland, Australia, © OroraTech
Header Image Credit: OroraTech
Written by M. Weissflog
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Canadian Forest Service (CFS)
modified Sentinel data (2022), processed by ESA, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO
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