Mynaric honored with Pioneer Space Business Award of the Year 2021

This Space News was published on Wed, 15.12.2021 – 17:28 CET, covering Mynaric

During the World Satellite Business Week (December 13-16, 2021, Paris), the laser communications specialist was recognized for his contributions to space technology.

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Every year, the consulting and market research company Euroconsult presents the "Outstanding Achievment Awards". The awards honor companies and innovators that are shaping the future of global space business. This year, the Gilching-based company Mynaric prevailed over other candidates.

Award for pioneering work

As Pacôme Révillon, CEO of Euroconsult, said, the World Satellite Business Week Awards aim to honor organizations, products and people who are at the forefront of the connectivity, space and satellite communications industries and who are pioneers in this field. According to his statement, Mynaric has proven to be a driving force in the industrialization of laser communications. In addition, he said, advancing the use of this revolutionary technology is true pioneering work. With this award, Euroconsult honors Mynaric's engagement.

f.l.t.r.: Tina Ghataore (CCO); Bülent Altan (CEO); Joachim Horwath (CTO); © Mynaric
f.l.t.r.: Tina Ghataore (CCO); Bülent Altan (CEO); Joachim Horwath (CTO); © Mynaric

Mynaric convinces in every aspect in 2021

The award is a performance-based award in which a jury of industry experts subjects all candidates to intensive scrutiny. Qualitative criteria, for example innovation, strategic decisions and impact, as well as quantitative criteria such as financial and commercial indicators are taken into account. Looking back at the past fiscal year, Mynaric was therefore able to convince. That 2021 was exciting is also emphasized by CEO Bülent Altan.

From the official opening of our serial production facility to becoming publicly listed on NASDAQ, this has been an exciting year for Mynaric. We are on a mission to bring global connectivity to the planet which is only possible because of the many strategic and successful relationships we have built with our customers and industry partners this year and that we will build in the future.

Bulent Altan, CEO Mynaric

Just earlier this week, the newly founded space consortium UN:IO entered the stage to international attention. Together with REFLEX Aerospace and Isar Aerospace, Mynaric is one of the driving forces behind this alliance, whose goal is to establish an independent, European satellite constellation. The first demonstrator of this global network is to be launched as early as 2023, and the system is to be ready for operation in 2025. By participating in this project, the company is demonstrating that the next few years will also be marked by the revolutionization of the space industry.

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Written by M. Weissflog

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