08.09.2021 / 14:58 // GAIA Aerospace

This year, the Innovation Award of the State of Lower Saxony was presented for the fourth time. In the "Vision" category, the reusable AirLaunch system Valkyrie from GAIA Aerospace and GEPARD Aerospace was nominated - and won.

The Valkyrie reusable airlauncher was the only project nominated from the aerospace sector. The prize was not only 20,000 euros, but also the opportunity to present the project in an image film. For this purpose, a model of Valkyrie was made in advance and presented to the public. [Astrodrom reported]

The associated image film has now also been published. Due to the fact that the airlauncher is mounted underneath a largely commercial aircraft, the rocket can also be launched from Germany. As CEO Kai Höfner emphasized, the first launches should be possible as early as 2025. In addition, the project is a successful example of inspiring younger generations to get involved with space issues.

Innovationspreis Niedersachsen 2021: Valkyrie

via GAIA Aerospace

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