We firmly believe that the space industry holds a key position. Whether it's solving today's biggest problems or finding answers to the most exciting questions of our time. How do we deal with climate change? How and where will we communicate tomorrow - and above all, with whom? What will the mobility of the future look like? To name just a few.

Climate change

The first contact

Our first really serious contact with the space industry was as visitors to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It was impressive to see a Saturn V and a space shuttle. But to be honest, it was also sobering. For all its enthusiasm, it's a museum. Space travel from times gone by. But fate meant well with us and so we became eyewitnesses to a landing of a Falcon 9 first stage from SpaceX.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Florida (USA)
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Back in Germany, we started asking around. What's going on here? After all, we live in Saxony, the state where the first German astronaut - or cosmonaut, depending on your point of view - Sigmund Jähn came from. But we have seen almost nothing. At best, fragments, a little here, a little there, websites for nerds, self-contained communities.

It was as if we had discovered a parallel universe. But we wanted to know who was talking to whom about what and why. So we took a journey into this world. And we found an ecosystem whose dynamics captivated us from the first moment. There is so much going on, but why does almost no one know that? Why are we not able to understand what is being talked about?

Astrodrom - NewSpace multi-channel platform

Ultimately, this short trip showed us what to do. So we founded Astrodrom. A multi-channel platform whose mission is ours: to make the developments in German and European NewSpace accessible to a broad audience. Here on our website, on LinkedIn, on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and of course in real life. What does it take? First and foremost, those who never tire of thinking one step ahead toward the future. And it needs someone to present this progress in such a way that as many people as possible can understand the need and the meaning of your work and join the efforts to explore space. By reading or watching or listening to news, learning about findings, becoming aware of jobs, or attending events.

That is what Astrodrom stands for: Getting the general public excited about developments in German and European NewSpace. It's about creating trust in an industry without which life in the 21st century would be different. It's about winning supporters. New colleagues, new customers, new sources of inspiration. Because there are so many questions that humanity needs to answer. And space industry is in a key position to do just that.

— Latest News —

December 2, 2021
NewSpace initiative founded

Under the leadership of the BDI, the NewSpace initiative was founded on December 1, 2021. Founding members include 26 tech and industrial companies as well as around half a dozen associations.

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