Germany and New Zealand to intensify cooperation in space sector

Germany and New Zealand want to cooperate more closely in the space sector for peaceful purposes. In an agreement on cooperation issued today (Sept. 22, 2022) afternoon in Berlin, the two sides agreed to further strengthen future cooperation in areas including research and development on Earth observation, navigation and communications, satellite technologies and New Space, as well as space legislation. Dr. Anna Christmann, the German government's coordinator for German aerospace, signed the declaration on behalf of Germany. New Zealand was represented by the head of the New Zealand Space Agency, Iain Cossar.

With this space cooperation, New Zealand and Germany are moving even closer together. Through knowledge exchange and bilateral cooperation projects, we have the opportunity to become global pioneers for a sustainable growth and innovation path in space and can mutually benefit from our strengths.

Dr. Anna Christmann, German Aerospace Coordinator of the German Federal Government

New Zealand is an important value and trading partner for Germany in the Indo-Pacific. The volume of trade between the two countries had already almost returned to pre-Corona levels by 2021. In June of this year, the EU and New Zealand concluded a free trade agreement that will help further expand economic ties once it enters into force. In addition to bilateral relations, New Zealand is an important partner for Germany in multilateral organizations and, like Germany, is committed to them.

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Written by M. Weissflog
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