In order to be able to offer regular news from the NewSpace, cooperation with partners is essential.


Die SpaceBrewery ist der Ausrichter einer gleichnamigen Veranstaltungsreihe, bei der die NewSpace-Community in den Austausch kommt. Angefangen hat alles als Event in einem Münchner Biergarten, coronabedingt wurde es zwischenzeitlich in den digitalen Raum verlagert. Als offizieller Medienpartner arbeiten wir mit der SpaceBrewery zusammen daran, möglichst viele Menschen für die Themen des NewSpace zu begeistern. Hinweis: Alle Veranstaltungen sind frei zugänglich, werden allerdings auf Englisch gehalten.

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Business partner

When communicating with stakeholders, we rely on the support of metaphora. As "professional troublemakers" they are our first point of contact to always find the right words with business partners.

Industry partner

Capitol Momentum is a Berlin-based market research and data analysis company focused specifically on the German NewSpace industry. Capitol Momentum advises non-space clients on entering the NewSpace market and provides industry reports, business reviews, valuations, market assessments, and competitive, trend and market segmentation analysis.

Network artner

Indispensable to our work is our partnership with GAIA Aerospace. As a member of this network, we can offer first-hand news that provides an in-depth look into an extremely agile industry.


Hauke Wessels offers a special service for #TeamSpace: The weather report for SpaceX's launch site "Starbase" in Boca Chica (TX, USA). Based on currently available weather data, the probability of a Starship launch can be predicted.

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