Vyoma successfully completes seed round

Published on Fri, 27.08.2021 – 19:46 CEST in Financials, covering Vyoma

Just ten months after the official launch, Vyoma successfully completed a seed round. This will allow the development of the cameras for debris tracking in space to proceed. These are to be used in a dedicated satellite constellation to be built from 2023.

The round is led by Atlantic Labs, a Berlin-based venture capital firm. Frankfurt-based angel investor Christian Stiebner is also participating in the funding. As Vyoma points out, raising investment shortly after the company's launch is proof that Space Situational Awareness (SSA) is essential and important.

In a detailed interview with co-founder Luisa Buinhas, we discussed Vyoma's project back in June 2021. The relevance of the topic of safety and order in orbit was most recently demonstrated in March 2021. As the analysis of data showed, on March 18 the Chinese satellite Yunhai 1-02 collided with an upper stage of a Russian Zenit 2 rocket that had remained in orbit. The rocket was launched back in 1996 and parts of it have been orbiting the Earth ever since.

Luisa Buinhas, Co-Founder and Space Systems Engineer Vyoma, © Luisa Buinhas, Vyoma

Keeping the Orbit clean - Interview with Luisa Buinhas

We spoke exclusively with Luisa Buinhas, Space Systems Engineer and Co-Founder of Vyoma about sustainability in space, mindsets in NewSpace and space travel "Made in Germany."

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Vyoma plans to use its own satellite constellation to observe debris from orbit and calculate any evasive maneuvers. Until now, the observation of space debris has only been possible from Earth, which has a decisive disadvantage: The parts can only be tracked if they are within the viewing range of the observation station.

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Written by M. Weissflog
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