The Exploration Company introduces Nyx

The Exploration Company's mission is to make space exploration affordable, sustainable, and accessible to all. To achieve this, the company, founded in July 2022, is developing, manufacturing and operating the modular and reusable Nyx spacecraft. More details will be announced on March 28, 2023.

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Open interfaces to support a wide range of application scenarios

What makes Nyx unique are the open interfaces of the technical building blocks that will be available in a SpaceStore in the future and can be used by both space and non-space companies to develop new applications. Nyx will cover a wide range of missions. From resupplying the Space Station and returning to Earth, to landing on the Moon and hopping to the Earth's satellite. Initially, Nyx will carry cargo, but it has the potential to be used for human spaceflight in the future.

In early February, the NewSpace startup raised 40.5 million euros in a Series A financing round. Hélène Huby and her team plan to use this capital to develop a second demonstrator. In the best case scenario, this demonstrator would fly into space as early as 2024 and return to Earth in a controlled manner. The actual space capsule is scheduled for launch in 2026, with a mission to the Moon planned for 2028. Nyx is designed to fly into space on different rockets.

Introducing Nyx via Zoom

Event-Banner: The Exploration Company Event zur Vorstellung des neuen Raumfahrzeugs Nyx und zur Demonstration seiner technologischen Fähigkeiten in der Umlaufbahn;© The Exploration Company
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The launch of Nyx is also part of the mission to democratize space exploration. Not only a small elite group will be able to attend, but anyone who is interested. The only requirement to attend the Zoom meeting is to register in advance using a simple form. Then, on March 28, 2023, starting at 16:00 CET, "the barriers of in-orbit demonstration will be overcome". As The Exploration Company writes, viewers:inside can expect to hear information on how in-orbit demonstrations of their technologies can be done in a simple and affordable way. Guest speakers, who have not yet been named, will speak, as will representatives from The Exploration Company.

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