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Europe's largest network for smart materials invites scientists, creatives, designers and industry representatives to the ZUKUNFTSIMPULSE 2023+. In the format of a 2-day unconference, the focus will be on the materials of the future on June 22 and 23, 2023, at Dresden's Kraftwerk Mitte. Their applications range from health and mobility to production technology, climate protection, energy generation and much more. Applications in NewSpace will also be on the agenda.

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The goal of the smart3 innovation network is to enable innovative products based on smart materials. These are intelligent materials, some of which can react automatically to changing environmental conditions, while others can be actively controlled. This opens up a wide range of possible applications that have enormous potential to secure a future worth living for everyone in view of the many global challenges of our time. Collaboration between industry, research and the materials community is essential to harness this potential.

Thesmart3 Zukunftsimpulse 2023+ (future impulses) therefore sees itself as a platform for interdisciplinary, constructive exchange. This year, the focus will be on robotics, circular economy and NewSpace. In addition to the presentation of best practices, the participants of the unconference will have the opportunity to find answers to the most pressing questions of our time. In an informal atmosphere, visionaries, leaders and decision-makers will discuss how to create a positive future with smart materials today.

Our mission is to find and implement solutions for sustainable development. Zukunftsimpulse 2023+ is a unique opportunity to ask questions, share experiences and collaborate with exceptional people you may not have met before. We invite you to network with us and expand your horizons.

Holger Kunze, Chairman of the Board smart3 e. V.

Speakers and sessions on smart materials in the circular economy, robotics and NewSpace

In order to provide a common starting point, smart3 was able to attract prominent speakers. In addition to Prof. Dr. Thomas Müller-Kirschbaum (HOLYPOLY/ Fraunhofer Institute for Materials Recycling and Resource Strategy IWKS), Thomas Schulz (CEO, Robot Valley Saxony) and the most successful German-speaking Space Youtuber Moritz Vieth (Senkrechtstarter) will address the opportunities of future technologies in their keynotes.

Thematic workshop sessions will then be held to develop initial ideas for the use of smart materials with a view to a future worth living. On the second day of the event, a deep dive will take place, exploring the previous ideas in more detail. The aim is to build up as much expertise as possible in a short period of time. This should lead to new collaborations, new projects and, in the best case, innovative products.

What is already possible today will be demonstrated by exhibitors who will showcase the potential applications of smart materials in the form of products and technologies throughout the event. Zukunftsimpulse 2023+ is the ideal place to enter the world of smart materials or to deepen existing knowledge. The unconference will also provide an opportunity to network, learn from and with experts, and collaborate on the development of future-oriented products. In view of the ambitious goals for a responsible approach to our planet, the two-day conference is already regarded as an important source of impetus for business, science, politics and society.

Constructive exchange, but limited tickets

The second day of the event will be of particular interest to representatives from industry and research. Deep dives will focus on shape memory alloys, magnetic shape memory technology, caloric materials, shape memory polymers, and last but not least, NewSpace. Tickets for the event, which is limited to 100 attendees, are now available on Eventbrite.

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