Reflex Aerospace starts Podcast "The NextSpace™ Broadcast"

With the onset of the Corona pandemic, podcasts experienced an unimagined revival. In the meantime, they have become an integral part of life for many people and it's hard to imagine life without them. From a communications perspective, it's no surprise that more and more companies are turning to this format. On January 27, 2023, the satellite manufacturer Reflex Aerospace will also launch its own podcast.

As the Berlin- and Munich-based company announced on LinkedIn, it will discuss innovation, business and technology in the space sector. Speakers will include guests from non-space companies that benefit from the use of space assets or data in their business.

OldSpace, NewSpace, NextSpace - Where is the border?

Currently, nothing is known about the first interviewees, frequency of new episodes or length of individual episodes. Unfortunately, a corresponding inquiry to Reflex Aerospace has so far remained unanswered. For the time being, it remains unclear to what extent the content of "The NextSpace™ Broadcast" differs from the established designation NewSpace. Another striking feature is that "NextSpace" has been given a trademark (™) symbol. This mark, which is used primarily in the U.S. legal system, is used to designate names that are recognized but not (yet) registered. Next Space has been in use at Airbus for some time, albeit with a different spelling. Here, they also directly provide a company definition: "Forget ‘New’ vs. ‘old’ space, Airbus is committed to doing the best space possible for the benefit of humanity and dares to be different when needed. That’s Next Space."

Walter Ballheimer (right), © REFLEX Aerospace
Walter Ballheimer (right), © REFLEX Aerospace

The fact that being different is deeply anchored in Reflex Aerospace's DNA is evident in many places. CEO Walter Ballheimer, in particular, rarely minces his words when it comes to addressing current issues in the aerospace industry. At the same time, however, he manages to entertain with his relaxed manner - whether in interviews, TV reports or podcasts. Whether "The NextSpace™ Broadcast" also succeeds in this will become clear on January 27, 2023. That's when the first episode will go online - everywhere podcasts are available.

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Written by M. Weissflog
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