09.10.2021 / 12:30 // #teamSPACE / BDI / Rocket Factory Augsburg

In 2021, the focus of WorldSpaceWeek initiated by the United Nations was "Woman in Space. We took this as an opportunity to talk about the status in Germany. Our guests were Katja Eser (HR Manager, Rocket Factory Augsburg), Stefanie Schlang (COO What about it!?) and Matthias Johannes Wachter (Head of Department for, among other things, Space, Federation of German Industries).

In just under an hour and a half, we talked about, among other things, whether women have the same opportunities as men in the aerospace industry. We also talked about whether there is a need for more enthusiasm for STEM professions and, if so, how this can be awakened. The conversation was broadcast live on YouTube and can be watched in full. Note: The talk was held in German.

Written by (MWe)