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From June 23 to 29, ESA, NASA and JAXA hosted a joint hackathon. The occasion was the one-year anniversary of the collaboration between the three space agencies, which jointly launched the Earth Observation Dashboard last year. This measures and makes available the environmental, economic, and short- and long-term impacts of global constraints related to the Covid 19 pandemic using satellite-based Earth observation.

To evaluate the data collected so far and develop solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time, the three space agencies called on "all programmers, entrepreneurs, scientists, designers, storytellers, makers, constructors, artists and technologists" to collaborate on solutions.


As can now be read on the Hackathon project website, a total of 233 projects were created. From these, 32 "Global Finalists" were selected. All teams that made it to the finals will receive the following rewards:

  • The opportunity to be featured on eodashboardhackathon.org and social media.
  • The ability to have your project included in (or featured on) the Earth Observing Dashboard, if applicable.
  • Invitations to attend a NASA spacecraft launch for each team member and one guest each if the trip is deemed safe. [Note: Travel expenses will not be covered.]
  • 2,000 euros that can spend through the Network of Resources (NoR) portfolio.
  • The opportunity to extend your own solution with the help of the EuroDataCube.

In addition, some finalists can look forward to further rewards. For example, all Global Award winners who have effectively used ALOS-2 data may continue to use it. In return, JAXA will provide further access to the data. The ESA ESRIN Award, on the other hand, is given to the team that maximizes the use of ESA data. The award comes with the opportunity to visit the Science Hub at the ESA ESRIN site in Frascati (Rome), Italy in 2022, as and when constraints from the Covid 19 pandemic allow. ESA will participate in covering the travel costs.

Which team was able to convince the international jury with which project will be announced at the beginning of August.

The "Global Finalists" at a glance

Air is LifeSpatial Analysis and Time Series
North America1
Air SquareShip traffic and the Impact on Air Quality
Europe 6
Alliance for ActionEnvironmental Justice During the COVID-19 PandemicNorth America5
BeaurazAgricultural Impacts of COVID-19
East Asia and Pacific2
Chloro-kNowLooking at the Big Picture
North America3
CleverChartLooking at the Big Picture
Covid ChroniclersStorytelling in the COVID-19 Era
South and Central Asia6
Enigma SystemsSpatial Analysis and Time Series
South and Central Asia5
Eyes on DataVisualizing Change Over Time
East Asia and Pacific5
GiveSightVisualizing Change Over Time
East Asia and Pacific5
God’s EyeMulti-Mission Earth Observation Data VisualizationSouth and Central Asia3
Golden EyeMulti-Mission Earth Observation Data VisualizationSouth and Central Asia4
HackvengersUrban Societal Behavior Patterns During COVID-19Europe5
HasretA Comparative Analysis
Mind codeEnvironmental Justice During the COVID-19 PandemicSouth and Central Asia6
MLJCA Comparative Analysis
Nasa Ship and Air InvestigatorsShip traffic and the Impact on Air Quality
North America3
PixelGrowUrban Societal Behavior Patterns During COVID-19South and Central Asia6
Project ElevateEnvironmental Justice During the COVID-19 PandemicEurope5
PrometheusVisualizing Change Over TimeLatin America and Caribbean5
RevilkyA Comparative Analysis
Africa and Middle East4
SimpleAnimationLooking at the Big Picture
North Amercia6
SMILE STONESStorytelling in the COVID-19 Era
South and Central Asia6
Team PosseidonVisualizing Change Over Time
South and Central Asia2
Tech NerdsAgricultural Impacts of COVID-19
South and Central Asia4
the developersAgricultural Impacts of COVID-19
Africa and Middle East3
The night owls 3Urban Societal Behavior Patterns During COVID-19Europe4
TnEStorytelling in the COVID-19 Era
North America2
TracerShip traffic and the Impact on Air Quality
East Asia and Pacific3
wathaSpatial Analysis and Time Series
South and Central Asia6
Wings of the WestStorytelling in the COVID-19 Era
World MAQIMulti-Mission Earth Observation Data VisualizationEast Asia and Pacific4

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