Capitol Momentum publishes German NewSpace Ecosystem Map 2021

Along the entire value chain, more than 120 companies can currently be more or less directly attributed to the space industry. If you include suppliers, for example, the number rises to over 600. With this diversity, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of everything. Capitol Momentum's German NewSpace Ecosystem Map 2021 is intended to help. The complexity of the industry shows that this is a very difficult undertaking.

Upstream, downstream, ground infrastructure

Basically, the space industry can be divided into the two sectors upstream and downstream. A clear separation from the ground infrastructure sector is not possible. But what do upstream and downstream mean? Roughly speaking, all activities and infrastructures required for transport into orbit and operation there can be attributed to the upstream. For example, launch systems, also known as rockets or launchers. But it also includes the production of satellites and spacecraft. The downstream sector, on the other hand, includes the commercial use of products and services on Earth. First and foremost, these are three areas that are quite easy to remember because of their common ending in -ion: Communication, Navigation and Observation. The latter refers to Earth observation, which, for example, forms the basis for weather reports, vegetation monitoring or early detection of forest fires.

Overview as free download

German NewSpace Ecosystem Map 2021,
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The German NewSpace Ecosystem Map 2021 represents these relationships in a simplified way and is to be updated regularly. That this is necessary is also reflected in expressed criticism of this overview. The main question is how to define "NewSpace" and - as a result of this definition - which companies are represented on this map. Capitol Momentum refers on its own website to the criteria for being classified as a NewSpace company. Nevertheless, the determination remains a question that certainly cannot be answered so easily, considering spin-offs of established companies. But the discussion about this is just as important as the question of whether there is any competition at all between NewSpace and "Old Space" or whether the two do not more or less necessarily complement each other.

Those who want to see for themselves can download the latest edition of the German NewSpace Ecosystem Map 2021 for free on Capitol Momentum's website.

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